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International Electrical Supplies Travel Guides

   Confused about International Electrical Supplies issues? We have Travel Guides to help you decide just exactly what you will (and won't) need for international travel with U.S. electrical appliances. Our Travel Guide #4 contains all of the information needed for 95% of travelers.
   If you already know for a fact that you just need power plug adapters then please check our World Electric Guide. It is a list of all of the countries in the world and shows all of the possible plug adapters you might need. You can also buy individual power plug adapters here.
   If you are relocating to another country with U.S. household type of appliances then this Travel Guide #6 should prove extremely helpful in deciding which appliances it makes sense to take with you.
   If you are looking for transformers then you will find a huge selection at our
Transformers Store. We have step up / step down transformers, voltage regulator transformers, Japan voltage transformers, and travel size transformers at the Transformers Store.  Not sure if you need an actual transformer or just a solid state voltage converter? Check Travel Guide #7. It explains the difference and offers tips in making your selection. As always, if you still need help just call us at 1-844-803-2196 or for faster response, email us from the link on each page.

Click here for travel guides that will help you determine what, if anything, you might need for international travel with your U.S. electrical devices.

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