Auto Switching Voltage Converter Kit - 2000 Watts

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  • Description

The included voltage converter (solid state) is a very compact lightweight device that steps down the higher voltages (220-250 volts) found in most other countries to a US voltage. It is for ungrounded (2 pin plug) appliance only.

This Voltage Converters / Plug Adapters Kit includes 4 of the most common ungrounded plug adapters needed anywhere in the world. (Kit comes from the manufacturer with 4 of the most “common” plug adapters.)

VCAP Voltage Converter / Plug Adapter Kit Features:

  • Please Note: These voltage converters are for limited time use (we recommend 45-60 minutes or until unit is hot to the touch). Please carefully follow all of the manufacturers instructions.
  • Warning: Do not use these voltage converters with appliances that are already multi voltage or dual voltage. (The sensitive, self-sensing electronic components of the converters and the appliance are often not compatible and may not work properly.)
  • Contents:
    • 2000 watt combination voltage converter
    • All (4) four of the most common ungrounded plug adapters for anyplace in the world
    • Durable, hard-sided travel case
    • Manufacturer's one year warranty
    • Instruction sheet
  • Weight: 26 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5.5" W. X 4.5" H. X 2.5" D.
  • Kit includes the VCAB autoswitching voltage converter that combines a 50 watt transformer and a 2000 watt solid state converter into one unit; a set of four International Adaptor Plugs, types A, B, C, and D; and a travel case.

    Automatic load sensing allows use with 110-120 volt electronic and motorized appliances that require 50 watts or less and with NON-ELECTRONIC heating appliances* that require 2000 watts or less

    Use with electronic and motorized devices such as:
    Battery Chargers
    CD/MP3 Players
    Cell Phones
    Contact Lens Disinfectors
    Digital Cameras
    Electric Shavers
    Oral Hygiene Devices
    Sound Machines

    Use ONLY with NON-ELECTRONIC heating appliances such as:
    Beverage Heaters
    Clothes Steamers
    Coffee Makers
    Electric Blankets
    Food/Bottle Warmers
    Hair Dryers
    Hair Roller Sets
    Heating Pads
    Hot Plates
    Incandescent Lamps

    Overload Protection
    If an overload condition occurs your converter will automatically shut off, protecting the converter and your appliance. To restart, simply unplug the converter and allow to cool, then plug back in. There are no fuses to replace.

    * Do not use Model VCAP with electronically controlled heating appliances including: Coffee Makers, Irons, Electric Blankets, Hair Straighteners, etc., that use digital timing/temperature control circuits or have Auto Start or Auto Shut-off features.

    NOTE: The VCAP is not designed for continuous use and should be removed from the electrical outlet when not in use.
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